Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To beat, or not to beat: that is the question!

The latest media over-hype is over whether Mitt Romney will pick Condoleezza Rice as his VP.  The buzz seems to be that if he does, social conservatives will stay home en masse, thus giving the election to President Obama.  I understand why social conservatives don't want Condoleeza Rice as the VP pick - she is pro-abortion and it signals that Romney is not nearly the conservative that he claims to be (that's a surprise?).  However, if we cut off our collective nose to spite our face and stay home because of this issue, we will have another four years of President Obama, and our country cannot afford that socially, culturally or fiscally.  Social conservatives need to pay attention to the big picture on this election.  Abortion is an abomination, but we risk seeing this country irreparably damaged if we let Barack Obama have four more years in the White House.

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