Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Right to work is an assault on working families??

Michigan is poised to become the 24th state to pass "right to work" laws which prohibit unions from forcing workers to pay dues.  The basic effect of these laws is that you can no longer be required to join a union to work at a particular factory or business.  Translation - if you want to be a non-union worker at the auto factory, you can!

I applaud Michigan on following the lead of Wisconsin and Indiana.  It must be the conservative in me, but I just don't see how giving workers a choice on whether or not to join the union is an assault on working families.  It seems to me that when unions were first formed, it was the choice of the workers to unionize to gain collective bargaining power.  Now unions have become so powerful and so bullying in their tactics, that workers no longer have a choice about whether or not to join - they have to pay their dues to a union who may use the dues for the workers' benefit or for political pressure (not exactly the original intention of the unions).

Right to work is about choice, and giving workers the right to be free from union control if they want to - not about union busting!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

DeMint to lead The Heritage Foundation

I just heard that Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) will be leaving the Senate to become the next president of The Heritage Foundation.  The Senate is losing a great Conservative leader in Senator DeMint, but he is an incredible choice to head Heritage.  The Heritage Foundation is a bastion of Conservative thought and defender of the Constitution and Senator DeMint will definitely continue the fantastic tradition started by current president and founder, Ed Feulner!