Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What to expect over the next four years

Here are my predictions of what we can expect from the Executive Branch over the next four years.  Please understand that I do not expect that all of this will be implemented or be successful because we do still have the Legislative and Judicial branches to counteract some of this, but this is what I predict we will see....

1) Governance by Executive Order - The President doesn't have a majority in the House and support in the Senate for many of his agenda items is tenuous.  This will leave him with no choice but to govern by Executive Order which bypasses Congress.  Many of his more radical items will have to come through this method because they will never be passed into law by Congress.

2) Gun Control - There is going to be an all out assault on the second amendment by the administration.  During the campaign, President Obama made it very clear that he supports a renewed assault weapons ban as well as more regulation of firearms ownership.  We can expect to see efforts at gun control come through more "covert" methods such as taxes on ammunition, regulations requiring locking mechanisms, certain storage methods, etc.  You can also expect the administration to start supporting United Nations regulation of our domestic rights.

3) Government coercion to alternative fuels - President Obama said last night that he wants to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but I don't believe he means more domestic production of oil - I am convinced he means a shift to alternative energy.  The Administration was unable to jump start the alternative energy sector by pumping money into it (such as the Solyndra failure), so we can expect to see renewed regulation of all aspects of the oil industry and the industries that are tied to it.  Expect things like regulations on the auto industry, power production, etc which will force the private sector to go to alternative energy and kill both oil and coal industries.  Also expect MASSIVE jumps in the price of gasoline.

4) Tax hikes and reduced take-home pay - While the President may not be able to get NEW taxes pushed through, he will raise taxes by allowing current cuts to expire.  Make no mistake - he will place the blame on Conservatives, but the reality is that he wants taxes to go up to fund the massive increase in the government spending that is coming.  When tax cuts start expiring, our take home pay will drop like a rock and the "recovery" will be over.  Take home pay will also be reduced thanks to Obamacare and the increased cost for employers that will inevitably be passed on to workers.

5) Out of control government debt - The spending goes hand in hand with the debt.  President Obama believes that it is the government's responsibility to take care of everyone and hand you all that the government thinks you deserve.  In order to do that, he will have to continue to increase spending and the national debt to levels that previous generations never even imagined were possible.  The government as a nanny state requires the government to spend, spend, spend and that money has to come from somewhere - YOU.

This is just the beginning of what we will see.  Changes in the Supreme Court are likely as well as a host of other "social engineering" changes.

Hang on to your seats because the next four years are going to be a very bumpy ride that will have a significant lasting impact on the fabric of our country.

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