Friday, June 29, 2012

Welcome to Gulf Coast Conservative

Welcome to my blog, Gulf Coast Conservative.  I have been a regular reader of local and national blogs for a few years, and recent events (both national and local) and have tried blogging myself a couple of times with not much luck and honestly not much dedication to it.  However, recent national and local events and the responses to them on our local Pensacola blogs have finally pushed me to the point where I've decided it's time to get serious and put out a Conservative viewpoint to counter some of what I have been reading.  My viewpoints are just that - MY views.  I will guarantee a few things about my blog:

1) I will make every attempt to put forth educated and informed viewpoints because there is nothing more frustrating than reading viewpoints that show a complete lack of actual information.
2) My viewpoints will most definitely be Conservative - and yes, I am capitalizing that intentionally.  I am not a "sometimes" conservative or a "Republican conservative."  I am a true Conservative whether it agrees with my party's views or not.
3) I don't blindly support one side or another.  This is especially true for local events.  It seems to often here in Pensacola, issues have an "old-school" vs. "new-school" component.  I refuse to be categorized into either camp.  The best examples I can give you - I fully supported the Maritime Park project in Pensacola and even the push for a strong mayor form of government.  However, with regard to the current dysfunction of our local government, I think that the current mayoral administration is WAY out of line on many things they are doing, and our City Council is just as much to blame.  Basically - expect me to call a turkey a turkey when appropriate and not just "toe the line."
4)  Most important - I can guarantee that not everyone will agree with my opinions.  I will happily accept comments and with the exception of those that are just rude, ignorant or vulgar, I will post the comments - no "selective" moderating like some others do if you disagree with them!

I hope you enjoy the blog and keep coming back for more!

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